Missouri Family Policy Council

The Missouri Family Policy Council is a fundamentalist Christian lobbying group opposing women's rights and LGBT rights in Missouri. It is the Missouri branch of Focus on the Family. This used to be their website!

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Mo. Family Policy Council
has lots of unsolicited opinions

about your sex life

Director Joe Ortwerth writes that same-sex couples "pervert the institution of marriage." He sues gay couples when they try to pay their taxes.

Look at this creepy picture Ortwerth mails to people. Why are there so many clouds?

The Missouri Family Policy Council claims to be pro-life, but this is just another obsession with sex.

They insist women should "remain chaste" to fix the problem of "illegitimate" children. OK boomer.

Give your government a

piece of your mind

Did you know Missouri's government mandated unnecessary medical exams of women that have been described as "state-sanctioned sexual assault?"

Did you know Missouri officials track women's periods in a spreadsheet that has disturbed doctors?

Tell your government what you think about these laws

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Infants & young children

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Russ Barger and Roy Christensen are using a similar message in Lincoln, Nebraska